Electric motors

SIEMENS non-standard motors

produce motors under the SIEMENS brand matched to the needs of the application
and tailored to the conditions of the working environment.

versatility and modularity of the modern design of SIEMENS motors allows for
great flexibility in the production of motors and is a very big advantage for
users in later servicing as well as during possible configuration changes or
expansion of the drive.

production of motors is carried out based on the original modules and
components manufactured by SIEMENS, on the basis of the original technical
documentation and maintaining the SIEMENS quality standards.

contrast to other motor suppliers we deliver the motor with options even within
24 hours!

manufactured by us are covered by a worldwide SIEMENS guarantee.


  • Drive perfect matched to the application and the operating
  • Extension of functionality and reliability
  • Time and money savings

Examples of additional motor options:

  • External Ventilation

  • Winding temperature sensors

  • Anti-condensation heaters

  • Change of the location of the terminal box

  • Adaptation for use in high ambient temperatures


  • Breaking systems and encoders

  • Electrically insulated bearings

  • Reinforced bearings

  • Increased IP degree

  • Changes in motor mounting

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