STERNET is a reliable support in the maintenance of motors
We offer a full range of diagnostic and renovation works for electric motors.


    • Restoration of the full functionality of the drive
    • Report from the performed servicing operations and from the measurements of the motor test run
    • Operating precautions ensuring the trouble-free operation of the drive
    • 12 month warranty - certainty of long-term operation of the motor after the performed service

    Electrics /power supply and circuits/

      • Full control of the efficiency of electrical circuits of the motor and the circuits of the additional equipment
      • Measurement of the winding resistance and condition of insulation
      • Measurement of idle and under load currents
      • Control of built-in motor sensors


        • Checking the condition of the bearings and the bearing seats, measurements of wear
        • Measurements of shaft alignment and vibration levels
        • Measurements of axial and radial clearances
        • Measurement of the body temperature
        • Ad hoc vibration measurements and long-term
        • Periodic vibration diagnostics surveillance of the motors
        • Inspection of the brake linings, control of the assembly of the remaining additional equipment of the motor

        RENOVATIONS of low-voltage motors to shaft size 400 mm;

        • Renovation of the bearing assemblies, replacement of bearings and greasing points
        • Cleaning of the lubricating and cooling circuits
        • Lubrication of motors, replacement of grease in the bearing assemblies
        • Replacement of rubber seals of covers, sealing the covers and the terminal box.
        • Impregnation of the stator and rotor windings
        • Rewinding of stators
        • Dynamic balancing of the rotating parts
        • Replacement of terminal boxes
        • Replacement or housing of new temperature, vibration, etc.. sensors
        • Renovation of the paint coating
        • Mounting of couplings, replacement of the elastic elements of the couplings
        • Alignment of the motor settings
        • Tightening the belts (calculation and measurement of belt tension)

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