Service of gearmotors

We perform periodic
inspections of gear transmissions, seal replacement, oil service,
repairs and replacements of couplings. We conduct a complete technical
analysis and diagnostics of all elements of the gear.


  • Restoration of the full functionality of the drive
  • Report from the performed servicing operations
  • Operating Precautions - ensuring the long and trouble-free operation of the drive to the user
  • 12 month warranty - certainty of reliable operation after the performed service

Diagnostics of gearmotors

  • Full control of the efficiency of electrical circuits of the motor and the circuits of the additional equipment
  • Measurement of the winding resistance and condition of insulation
  • Measurement of idle and under load currents
  • Control of built-in motor sensors
  • Checking of the oil level sensors
  • Checking of the lubrication and cooling system, control of leakages.
  • Checking the condition of the bearings.
  • Measurements of shaft alignment and vibration levels
  • Measurements of axial and radial clearances
  • Measurement of the body temperature
  • Ad hoc vibration measurements and long-term periodic vibration diagnostics surveillance of the gearmotors
  • Inspection of the brake linings, control of the assembly of the remaining additional equipment of the motor and the reducer
  • Control of the tightness of the seal between the gear unit and the motor.
  • Control of the wear of the internal components of the gear, wear of the cogs, toothed shafts, etc.
  • Control of the tightness of the cooling circuits and the gear lubrication circuits.

Renovations of gearmotors

  • Oil service, oil change at the client`s premises and in the company`s workshop
  • Replacement of components of the gears, bearings, cogs, shafts, seals
  • Shaft regeneration
  • Repairs or replacement of motors
  • Coupling drilling and mounting
  • Repair and cleaning of the lubricating and cooling circuits
  • Renovation of the paint coating